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Dk  Andreas M 08 Sep 08:03


Gb  paRa^ 04 Sep 17:04


Gb  DazzyJ 03 Sep 17:11

How the hell do you and Chad still have admin on here! :P

Gb  Sparky 03 Sep 08:30


01  Chaddy 03 Sep 03:39

We all love badgers!

Gb  DazzyJ 29 Aug 23:58

Get some form of anti-cheat working, start on small cups and make sure you advertise. Words from former UNGL hero admin.

01  opy 29 Aug 21:36


Sr  moh 25 Aug 14:34

you cant really get the place up if you dont advertise, I'm sure that this site probably got the lowest number of visitors per month than it ever had, like the anticheat crashed 1,5 years ago and it still aint fixed, neither did you do any cups to keep this site active, so I think you should sort your stuff out, and then advertise so you can get the numbers up again

Gb  Raz0r.uK™ ヅ 20 Aug 09:18

and doing matches

Gb  Raz0r.uK™ ヅ 20 Aug 09:18

it should be anytime soon put i just want this place to get back up so its always got people on here

Se  kLIMAX 20 Aug 08:29

So... When are the cups coming? Hows it going on that front?

Gb  Raz0r.uK™ ヅ 19 Aug 09:54

not at the minute but we will do soon

01  opy 17 Aug 22:38

Do you have an anticheat?

01  opy 17 Aug 22:37

Have you done some advertising?

01  opy 17 Aug 22:37

.sYNX ヅ 11 Aug 20:43 lets get this place up and busy again people

Gb  Raz0r.uK™ ヅ 14 Aug 16:38

thank you just need it to get busy again so we can get loads of things back up and running

Jp  HarryKK 14 Aug 16:32

we will signup if u do put a cup out

Gb  Raz0r.uK™ ヅ 13 Aug 15:27

we should have some csgo cups and etc in next week or 2 depending on numbers

Gb  Raz0r.uK™ ヅ 11 Aug 20:43

lets get this place up and busy again people

Gb  Raz0r.uK™ ヅ 11 Aug 19:55

in the next 2-3 week when numbers get back up