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Gb  Sparky 28 Nov 11:55

Pretty sure Gb  DazzyJ was bait since the beginning of time

Nl  RunZ 27 Nov 18:13

you cheater

Us  carlos 25 Nov 18:37

I've never cheated....

Sr  moh 25 Nov 16:50

Never forget carlos + onside ^__^

Gb  DazzyJ 25 Nov 00:31

Fairly sure there hasn't been too many games played here in a while now, so not too sure what you're getting at.

Fi  Samze 23 Nov 13:17

u guys know that in here u can cheat if u are friend of some admin

Gb  thegamerszone 20 Nov 14:40

Join www.thegamerszone.org for amature competitions :D

Gb  SynCy 15 Nov 23:47

I'm bored anyone up for some mm? if so add samk

00  PaniC` 15 Nov 19:17

hey guys im looking for a serious team to play with im from england london lurker/rifler panmeister is my steam addy thx guys :)

Gb  paradox 12 Nov 09:43

Just for you

Gb  DazzyJ 12 Nov 00:16

Fix pls

Gb  paradox 11 Nov 18:14

looks like the chatbox is a bit broken :{

Gb  Jack 09 Nov 20:41

looking for a team Game: CS GO Name: Jack Age: 16 Skill: Lurker/Entry Location: UK, Scotland Team Experience: None Contact Information: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198149845465/home/ Other Information:

Sr  moh 02 Nov 19:41


Gb  Raz0r.uK™ ヅ 26 Oct 23:53

css cup of csgo cup people let me know#.

Pt  sten 23 Oct 00:31

this is so dead :\

Be  Toxic ' Loki. 02 Oct 18:43

Toxic Gaming recruiting members for CSGo check the forums for more info.

00  KeN404 01 Oct 09:46

hey guyz...any1 here play cod4 now also? i mean hardcore :) we are looking for high skilled players :D

01  opy 18 Sep 03:18

It's dead