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Frequently Asked Questions

I Have a Fixture Problem!


How Do I Create A Team?

Click on the Register a new team link, and then fill out the boxes on the next page.



If you click on Manage my teams it'll bring up a list of all the teams you are in, and you need to input your ID in the correct format.


The correct format is as follows

STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:12345

Join onto an online server and open up the console (`) and type "status" This will bring up a list of the players STEAMIDs just copy and paste yours.

HoN: honusername

Your username for HoN is also your ID on UNGL for HoN.

Call of Duty 4: abcdef12

To get your PB guid, go into a Punkbuster Enabled server, then hold down shift + ~(next to the 1 key on your keyboard) and type in /pb_plist. Look for your name on the list and write down the LAST 8 alpha-numeric digits located to the left of your name. Make sure you have written it down correctly or you could be ineligible for any future matches until you get it correct.

How Do I Join a Team or Add Players to My Roster?

Get your team members to sign up on UNGL, and then direct them to your team page. On the members box to should say "apply for this team" on the right hand side.


What is "Green Ticked"?

Like most leagues, UNGL operates a timer system to stop players joining new teams or "mercing" for teams. After you have put in your valid GUID then it takes 24 hours for you to become green ticked, you may not put out games or accept games until you are green ticked.

What is Libra?

Libra is the mandatory anti-cheat program that is used for ALL UNGL games. It takes screenshots of your game as you play, and you are required to upload them after the game.

1. Start Libra

2. Load your game.

3. Close game

4. Upload screenshots

Libra doesn't work, can I use another anticheat?

Although we do understand that Libra does have errors, you may not use another anticheat without first having tried to sort the error out. Please make a post in our forums in the Libra section (http://ungl.org/forum/2) and someone will try and help you out.

If we can't fix it we may give you permission to use X-RAY, but you must also take a POV in games that allow it.

How can I show my teams rank on my website?

Just paste this where you want it to display - where 1 is the ladder ID and 1356 is the team ID

<script type="text/javascript" src="http ://ungl.org/rank/1/1356"></script>

How do I get my name to show up in posts like "Gb  paradox "?

Everything to do with our BBCODE (the formatting code used on the forums) can be found here.


Gb  DazzyJ
UNGL Contributor
almost 12 years ago

How do I know what Libra version i'm running?

Libra2 is now considered an old version and should be being phased out by players, by moving onto Libra3.

Libra2 looks like...


Libra3 looks like...


Why are my screenshots not showing on my profile?

Your Libra tab in your profile is now the home for all Libra3 screenshots, and Libra2 screenshots will not show up in this tab anymore. To navigate to your Libra2 screenshots you must make the following ammendment to the link.